Care and Maintenance Guide
Completely waterproof, Stamoid is a vinyl coated woven polyester that can be used for
exterior applications such as boat tops and protective covers. Easily cleanable, we
recommend the following procedure for maintaining your Stamoid fabrics.

Spread out the fabric on a flat surface, pre-rinse the fabric with clear water. Moisten the
fabric with a mild solution of gentle liquid soap and clean water or use a proper cleaning
agent such as 303® Vinyl Cleaner.

Allow the cleaning solution to penetrate and gently brush the fabric to the edges using an ALL
NATURAL SOFT BRISTLE brush. DO NOT use hard pressure during the brushing process as this
may scratch or tear the vinyl.

Thoroughly rinse the entire fabric surface to remove any traces of the cleaning solution. In
some cases of heavily soiled fabric, the cleaning procedure may need to be repeated followed
by a thorough rinse.

The Stamoid® fabric should be hung up to completely dry.

When the fabric is completely dry, an application of vinyl protectant such as 303® High Tech
Fabric Guard™ should be added to the surface.